From the Director's Desk

The Police Training School, Moradabad, established in January 1901, rechristened as Dr. B.R.A. U.P. Police Academy is a premier training institution nurturing, sustaining and disseminating the glorious traditions and rich heritage of values of U.P. Police. Over a period of time, the Academy has metamorphosed itself in to a centre of excellence imparting Quality Basic Training to the freshly recruited Dy.S.P. Probationers besides conducting refresher and short term courses for in-Service officers of various levels. In addition, the Academy is also engaged in conducting the Basic Training Courses for the freshly recruited Assistant Prosecuting Officers (6 months),  District Commandants of Home Guards (9 months), Chief Fire Officers (3 months), PCS officers (1 week), Assistant Radio officers (6 months) and also SI Civil Police Cadets (12 months). IPS Probationers allotted to the state of UP undergo a 4 week Induction/Familiarization Course to the learn local laws and procedures, state regulations etc. They are also imbued with the ethos and traditions of U.P. Police during this period. 

            A holistic approach designed to engender Professional excellence in the trainees to keep pace with the ever increasing challenges in Policing is the Hall mark of the training imparted in the Academy. The team of trainers synergies their efforts in disseminating a judicious  mix of knowledge and skills to the trainees. Inculcating the Highest standards of Professionalism with unimpeachable integrity and developing a humane outlook are the qualities which the Academy attempts to ingrain in the trainees. In a nutshell, developing both the soft and hard skills of the trainees optimally has been our goal. Sensitization on violations of Human rights, protection of weaker sessions and issues relating to women and children have been made an integral part of all training courses.
The BRA Academy Moradabad occupies the Pride of Place amongst all the U.P. Police Training Establishments and is equipped with the latest facilities. The Academy is playing a stellar role in designing of training curricular, training methodology, harnessing technology in modern policing, updating training literature and other associated Research and Development activities. Training is perceived as a process meant to continuously improve the knowledge, skill and abilities of the officers to be efficient and effective in the discharge of duties.
As the Director of the Academy and the team leader of the trainers, our endeavour is to adapt a training process with the best available training method and professional guidance. Bridging the Gap between the expectations of the citizens and the Quality of service Delivered by the Police is the Quintessence of all training. The Academy provides a vibrant forum for dynamic interface with the domain experts and promotes interactive learning through experience sharing sessions.

The motto of the academy, as mentioned in it's logo “DHARMAM CHAR” (धर्मम् चर) is an extract from the Brihdaryanak Upanishad. The suggestion for its adoption was given by Late Dr. Amar Nath Jha, M.A., D. Litt, L.L.B. FRSI, Chairman, Public Service Commission, Uttar Pradesh.

          I am confident that the trainees coming out of the portals of this institution will be the ambassadors of the Rule of law and epitome of justice.


Addl. D.G. / Director
Dr. B.R. Ambedkar U.P. Police Academy
Moradabad (U.P.)
Ph.: 9454400114