Our Heritage

The Old Police Officers Hostel was converted into a Heritage Bhawan and a Police Museum on 29 Dec.2006. It contains not only the old articles but also old and invaluable weapons seized form criminals, ammunitions, toxic matters, counterfeit coins, currency and implements used for making illegal arms and ammunition, weaponry equipments and photographs / documents. The restructuring of display and maintenance of items is done by modern techniques. As more items are in the process of being collected from other places, it is on an expansion spree. The highlights of collections are items relating to scientific aid to investigation and grenades and arms and ammunition used by 9th SPF deployed on Indo China border upto 1962 under the command of Barreilly sub-area. The items displayed in the museum are divided into various sections viz, weapons, photo gallery, documents & communication etc.. Documents related to some famous historical cases are preserved here. Hand grenade used by the great freedom fighter late Chandrasekhar Azad is a momentous part of this museum. Lot of visitors, students of local schools and other institutions have been visiting the museum frequently. The Police Heritage Bhawan was inaugurated by the then Director Sri C.B. Satpathy on 29-Dec.2006.

The Hawker Hurricane Air Craft

Hawker Hurricane Model 2B Plane was the main fighter plane of RAF (Royal Air Force) during the IInd World War (1939-45). Later on it was employed by Indian Air Force also. Its Maximum Speed was 550 Km/Hr. and it could achieve 22000 Ft. altitude. It could fly up to 480 Kms in full tank, and it could go up to 1585 Km with additional fuel tank. This plane was equipped with 12" machineguns and could carry bomb up to 227 kilogram weight. During the IInd world war, and emergency landing of this plane took place in riding ground of Police academy near "Chakkar Ki Milak" and was kept by 23rd Bn. PAC, Moradabad after 1967. It was transported to the academy on 16-11-06 by dismantling its' wings. After due renovation it was inaugurated by the then Director of the academy Sri C.B. Satpathy on 21 Dec. 2006.

Mrs. Thom Fountain-1937

A beautiful fountain near the old SICP mess was built by Mrs. Thom in 1937. The fountain has been maintained since then it its originality.