Parade Ground with Outdoor Sports

The Sprawling Parade and Play Ground

Spread over an area of 6 acres, the sprawling and picturesque Parade and play ground of the academy assumes an important role in the daily outdoor training of the trainees. They start and end up their day on this ground. The outdoor training (Physical education and training) programme of academy aims at the development of physical capability and efficiency amongst the trainees. Its important components are Parade and P.T., Yoga, Unarmed Combat, Apparatus work, Obstacle and Assault course. The physical training is programmed to develop in them traits like self-confidence, discipline, coordination, group behavior and buddy culture. Ceremonial functions and passing out Parade are held on this ground. All outdoor sports like Football, Volleyball, Hockey, and Basketball are played on this ground. Besides them Cricket and Handball etc. are also played on this ground.